Karim El Amin 23 Feb 11

On August 30, 2010 Sandy Springs Police responded to a burglary alarm call on Rebel Trail in Sandy Springs.   The officers checked the residence and observed forceful entry into the residence through the garage door.  The victims found missing from the residence: six boxes containing outdoor lights and a short blade chainsaw.   During a traffic stop near the location of the burglary, three suspects were stopped.  While searching the truck, the following items were found: four sets of brown cotton gloves, a crow bar, a headband flashlight, a roll of silver duck tape, a jewelry box and various pieces of jewelry.  The men were identified as Kareem Hassan El-Amin, Jalim Basheer Hamlett and Salim Fakih Hamlett.  All three men were arrested. El Amin is charged with Burglary and Possession of Tools for the Commission of Crime.

Zone: North Fulton
Judge: Lee

Sentence:  5 Years to Serve 60 Days – Balance Probated – Non Negotiated

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